Art credit to belkacemyabadene at Pixabay

Allow us to introduce ourselves

Hello! My name is G. E. Butler. I’m a fiction writer with short story publications in small presses. Though I am grateful to the journals who gave my voice a chance, I decided to begin my own online literary journal after discovering a thin, curious line that still divides what’s known as “speculative fiction” from the rest of the literary world. My team and I wanted to create a space for authors with tastes similar to our own, who wish to write about the fantastic and celebrate its unique literary appeal. Below are the fantastic writers I’m working with.

Amy Clement: Florida-born and raised on the coasts, country, and suburbs. Amy has always had an attraction to the marriage of nature and history that stems from the state’s roots. Her literary tastes are varied, but she is most interested in the mixing of water, land, and plant with human nature, existentialism, and the intangible. Her most favored reading and writing styles are Southern Gothic, regionalism, sentimentalism, and supernaturalism.

Flora Soper: Growing up in a small town in Florida, where not a lot of exciting things happened, Flora instead turned to documentaries and novels to fill her childhood. She became fascinated with history and how small events held the possibility of altering existing or future timelines. Her reading interests span from historical fiction to fantasy to nonfiction. She prefers to write historical pieces with fictional twists, but enjoys experimentation in varied genres.

Art Lawrence: Born and raised in the Midwest, Art has always been drawn to the genres of science-fiction and fantasy and the new worlds that accompany them. In his reading and writing he enjoys to explore society, different peoples, the way they interact, the peril of when they clash, and more. The lens of these new, exciting worlds is his medium.

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