Feedback Response Submissions

Feedback Response Submission

Are you new to submitting or want some general feedback on your work? We are now providing feedback responses for donations of 10 USD or more. If you choose this option, we will respond within two weeks, detailing our thoughts on your submission and some ways we think you may be able to make it more effective or appealing to literary journals. If we so happen to love your submission, this option will not negate acceptance from us— it will simply turn it into a more detailed acceptance! To choose this option, simply hit the payment button below. Once you have completed your transaction via PayPal, email your submission to Include the words “feedback response” in the title and put your transaction ID from PayPal in the body of the email. All other submission rules apply. Note: Each donation of 10 USD applies to only 1 submission. You may make multiple donations for multiple feedback response submissions. The 2 weeks begins when we receive your submission. If we need corrections to your document for eligibility or readability, the timer will be extended. A full refund will be sent to your PayPal account if we do not respond within the promised time frame.