The Fantastic Other is open to general submissions year-round. Below are the rules for our upcoming summer issue.

Art credit to KELLEPICS at Pixabay.
UPDATE: Submissions for our Summer 2022 Issue are now closed. Any submissions we receive as of July 11th will be under review for our Winter 2023 Issue. 

Our Summer 2022 Issue is scheduled to release August 14th. If you would like to read some fantastic works of fiction and poetry in the meantime, you can check out our Winter 2022 Issue by clicking here. 

Hello, everyone! We have already received a stunning amount of interest in our next issue, so an announcement was long overdue. As always, our second issue of the year is going to be released in the summer. The last day to submit will be July 10th.

As for the theme this time? There is none! That is, there is no theme aside from the weirdness and wonder that we are always striving for. So please, write the fantastic piece you dreamed about. Paint the town (and your stories) red or yellow or whichever hue moves you. We are looking for short fiction, flash fiction, poetry, and art submissions. All contributors published for this issue will be awarded 5 USD via PayPal. It is a small token payment, but we hope to be able to expand this in the future.

Below are our guidelines for general submissions:

  • All submissions should follow the core code of the magazine: write or illustrate something fantastic. We are interested in all things fantasy, sci-fi, paranormal, surrealist, fabulist, and magical realist. Show off your weird!
  • Fiction submissions should be no longer than 3,500 words. Fiction submissions that are 1,000 words or fewer will be considered flash fiction. Poetry submissions should be no longer than 50 lines and under three pages. Please send no more than two fiction or flash fiction pieces or four poems per issue.
  • Fiction submissions should be double-spaced. All submissions should be in a size 12, no-nonsense font (arial, times new roman, etc).
  • We can work with Word DOC, DOCX, and PDF files for fiction and poetry. For art, we can take JPG, PNG, and PDF files.
  • There is no cost for submissions. Contributors for our next issue will be awarded 5 USD via PayPal per accepted piece.
  • We do not discriminate based on race, sex, sexuality, ethnicity, nationality, disabilities, or religious beliefs. In fact, we welcome and celebrate diversity in our contributors. Similarly, we will not publish works that promote discrimination or bigotry of any kind.
  • Submissions must be original works of your own and unpublished. That includes previous posts in social media and blog pages.
  • We acquire First North American Serial Rights on submissions we elect to publish. On publication, rights revert back to the author. We request that you credit us as the initial publisher.
  • Simultaneous submissions are accepted, but please inform us as soon as conveniently possible if your submission is accepted elsewhere.
  • Cover letters are optional, but let us know what name you wish to be published under and add a blurb about yourself in 1-2 sentences. If you have a social media handle you’d like to use, please let us know.
  • Please send your submissions to, with either Fiction, Flash Fiction, Poetry, or Art in the email title. Include your submission(s) as an attachment. If you are submitting for multiples genres, please send those in separate emails.


Support The Fantastic Other with Our Quick Response Option

Quick Response Submission

Can’t wait to hear back from us? We have decided to add a 3-day response submission option. Though we at The Fantastic Other still endeavor to keep submissions open and free, if you make a one-time donation, we promise to deliver you a response for your submission within 72 hours. For a quick response submission, simply hit the payment button below. Once you have completed your transaction via Paypal, email your submission to Include the words “quick response” in the title and put your transaction ID from PayPal in the body of the email. All other submission rules apply. Note: Each donation of 3 USD applies to only 1 submission. You may make multiple donations for multiple quick response submissions. The 72 hours begins when we receive your submission. If we need corrections to your document for eligibility or readability, the timer will be extended. A full refund will be sent to your PayPal account if we do not respond within the promised time frame.