Issue Two: Injustice and Poetry

Issue Two: Injustice and Poetry

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For our second issue, we have proudly received a more diverse and eclectic group of submissions. The theme we selected for this issue was “injustice.” It was a decision we made as a response to the events that transpired since our first issue and as a desire to showcase how injustices can be relayed through all forms of literature and media. We have had a fine time reading through how our contributors have chosen to respond. Some recurring themes were unexpected, such as that of zombies and mind control. Issues of sexuality, gender, and race were also present. We enjoyed their work and hope you will as well.

We also decided to host a poetry contest, as featured on our website, which yielded some fantastic submissions. You can read the first place winner here, the second place winner here, and the third place winner here. For even more poetry and some outstanding fiction pieces, make sure to check out the full issue.

A warm thanks to all our contributors and our readers!


G. E. Butler, Chief Editor