Issue One: Summer of Flash Fiction

Art credit to Comfreak at Pixabay.

We are pleased to announce our first issue and showcase the winners of our summer flash fiction contest.

Over the summer, we asked authors to submit us works of fiction in 500 words or fewer, the only theme being that they must delve into the fantastic. As a result, we received creative works in a rainbow of genres from science-fiction to science-fantasy, from horror to surrealism, and more. We selected the works we believed to be the most excellent and emblematic of what “speculative fiction” has to offer. Below are the winners and links to the fantastic places they’ll take you.

First Place: Zachary Chessman dares us to dream of the stars with his story, “Foo Fighters.” Click here to read.

Second Place: Amy Voelker leaves us with lingering unease through her horror piece, “Takers.” Click here to read.

Third Place: Kristen Harris takes us on an insider’s tour in her story, “The World’s Only Things-From-Dreams Museum.” Click here to read.

We hope that you enjoy these stories as much as we did and that there will be many more to come.

G. E. Butler, Editor-in-Chief

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