Winter Poetry Contest: Now announcing our winners!

Update: Submissions for our winter poetry contest are now closed. Below are our winners, whose work will be featured in our upcoming issue:

First Place: Elizabeth Upshur’s poem, “How to Tend a Zombie: Prose Poem.”

Second Place: Michael Quigg’s poem, “Panoptic Gallery of Living Art.”

Third Place: Lilly Seaver’s mixed-media poem, “Brain Washed In My Sleep.”

Each of these pieces are distinct and uniquely fantastic. We are excited to share them in our winter issue.

As part of our next installment for The Fantastic Other, we would like to announce a poetry contest! The first three winners will be featured on the front page of our website. In addition, the first prize winner will be awarded fifty USD. The deadline to submit is February 20th, 2021. Details are below:

  1. Submissions that follow our winter issue theme of injustice will be given preference, but it is not mandatory as consideration for the contest. More details about our theme can be found here. Aside from that, all bets are off. We welcome all genres and styles of poetry.
  2. Submissions for the contest should be no longer than 30 lines or two pages.
  3. Submissions should be original, unpublished works. We retain first publishing rights.
  4. Multiple submissions and simultaneous submissions are acceptable and welcome. In cases of multiple submissions, only one piece will be accepted for this category.
  5. Prize money is awarded via Paypal.
  6. Submissions should be sent to

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