now announcing the summer flash fiction contest winners!

We are pleased to announce the first, second, and third place winners in our summer flash fiction contest. The fantastic authors below will have their stories showcased on our website. Thank you so much to everyone who participated in our magazine’s first fiction competition!

First Place: Zach Chessman for his story, “Foo Fighters.”

Second Place: Amy Voelker for her story, “Takers.”

Third Place: Kristen Harris for her story, “The World’s Only Things-From-Dreams Museum.”

Update: Submission for the Summer Flash fiction contest are now closed. We will be announcing the winners on August 21st.

To get The Fantastic Other started, our first call to submissions is going to be a flash fiction contest! Though we might ask for specific themes down the line, right now we are only asking for your 500-word best shot at exemplifying the otherness. That means, in short, anything with a touch of the fantastic, the unreal, or just the weird. Our three favorite stories will be featured in our magazine. The guidelines are below:

  • It must be a work of fiction in no more than 500 words, but may be as brief as you like.
  • Submissions must be double-spaced and in a size 12, no-nonsense font (arial, times new roman, etc). 
  • There is no cost for submission. The author to place first will be awarded 60 USD, paid exclusively through PayPal. We will contact you for payment information.
  • Dark themes, violence, and sexuality are fine, but gore and sex for the sake of gore and sex will not be met with a warm welcome.
  • Submissions must be original works of your own and unpublished. That includes previous posts in social media and blog pages, or anything on the internet, really. By submitting, you agree to grant us first publication rights.
  • Cover letters are optional, but let us know what name you wish to be published under and add a blurb about yourself in 1-2 sentences. If you have a social media handle you’d like to use, let us know.
  • Please send you submissions to

The current deadline is August 7th. Don’t tarry! Show us what you’ve got.

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