“Brainwashed In My Sleep” by Lilly Viola Seaver

“Brainwashed In My Sleep”

About the Author:

Lilly Viola Seaver is an English major with a minor in Women’s Studies and a particular interest in poetry and music. She also appreciates the art of collaging and spends free time cutting up old magazines and newspapers with a container of mod podge nearby. As of late, Seaver resides deep in the woods of Western Massachusetts and can be found in the smallest of towns skating without a helmet or painting on top of picnic tables. You can follow her art account on Instagram at @ellveees and her personal account at @llillllith.

Editor’s Note: Though unorthodox, we felt that Seaver’s mixed-media poem fit the rules and the spirit of our contest. It is our wish at The Fantastic Other to showcase the unusual and the hybrid works that might not find a home elsewhere.

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